Anxiety at Christmas

I have limited my time on social media in exchange for a fair bit of running over the last few days and completed a half marathon yesterday in Tilgate forest. It was an amazing deload and chance for me to fully reflect on the year out in the open air and remote from the noise of the world. I am often guilty of overloading and busying myself and was nice to truly tune in to my body and mind.
Christmas has always been a difficult time of year for me and my anxiety and mood seems to be acutely affected by the winter season in general. I have never really been able to pinpoint exactly why but I am getting better to listening to my body, mind, and soul to be kinder to myself.
In the past, I have gone through quite abusive cycles of beating myself up about this and feeling guilty as it is supposed to be such a happy, joyful and merry season and it is, at times. I don't want to put a downer on the festivities and have has a great time with family and friends but I know I am not alone here. There can be a lot of pressure this time of year to be a certain someone. Pressures financially, Pressures to drink, the pressure to party, the pressure of social media, pressure of the fear of missing out etc etc.
Don't ever be afraid to speak out and bottle up your feelings and emotions this time of year just because its ‘Christmas’
Be present, be kind, be thankful. be grateful, be you.
I am truly grateful for all those who have supported me this year from wearing the ‘Get A Grip’ logo with pride, attending a talk/event and supporting me personally on my own growth in all areas of life. I have learnt so much from those who have given the time to come on the podcast also so thank you.
Get A Grip mission has always been to explore, uncover and help connect the dots between the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing spectrum to better understand what it means to be Human from a holistic approach. If anything it does sparks someone to speak out, reconnect, rethink and take action in order to live a more meaningful, healthy, happy, and purpose driven life its a job well done.
Lots of exciting avenues to be explored next year.
Stay happy and healthy as we enter 2019

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