GET A GRIP with.....Something New

GET A GRIP with ... Something new
Starting or joining a new sport, class or fitness regime can be daunting to begin with. You may worry about people judging your current physical self, ability and fitness level. These feelings may be so intense that it may put you off starting your fitness journey completely. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves and how we perceive our self worth. It is a key indicator of our mental wellbeing and ability to cope with life stressors.
Rest assured there is more to fitness than dropping a dress size or getting bigger 'guns'. We can meet friends for life and be involved in social circles and experiences that we may never have been apart of if we hadn't kicked those negative thoughts and gave something new a go.
GET A GRIP believes Crossfit is a great platform to work on your mental and physical fitness despite age, gender and ability. The training methodology is constantly varied and fully scalable alongside being an uplifting community that can really help you grow your self confidence and self esteem.
Despite its amazing benefits Crossfit may not be the answer for you. GET A GRIP encourages you all to give it a go however there are an array of sports and activists available out there to enjoy and within them will no doubt be likeminded people to support your fitness journey and boost your self esteem.
'Physical activity has shown to have a positive influence on our self-esteem and self worth. This relationship has been found in children, adolescents, young adults and older people across both male and females.’
(Mental Health Foundation 2016)
GET A GRIP and try give something new a go.

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