Getting to Grips With...Sarita

Get to Grips With..Sarita
Get A Grip shared Hilarys contribution to the 'Getting to Grips with' blog series last month. This month I would like to share Sarits inspiring post. After a 30 year battle with an eating disorder Sarita thankfully managed to reach out to a friend…... and then found crossfit. 
Thank you for sharing such a personal journey Sarita  
Name: Sarita Karir
Occupation:Ex Primary School Teacher, now driving instructor
How would you best describe or define fitness?
To be mentally strong and confident, since what people can do physically varies.
What exercise, sport or fitness regime do you partake in and how often?
Daily Crossfit
Boxercise weekly
When did you start to experience mental health problems if at all?
I was 9 years old when I started to use food as a crutch for feeling unwanted,unloved. I grew up hating everything about myself and I hated being alive.
Was there a ‘lightbulb’ moment when you realised you had to make a change and how did your transition into exercise and fitness come about?
I was 38 years old and my eating disorder had consumed me almost 30 years. I was thin and ill and addicted to all sorts of pills and potions that were supposed to make me even thinner. In the end I planned my suicide. My daughter didn't settle well with her father and I confided in a friend.
I started psychotherapy but struggled to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Then i found crossfit....
What impact has exercise and fitness had on your physical and mental health?
I want to be alive!! I feel amazing! I care about myself. I treat myself well! I feel invincible. The friends I have made are supportive. I came out about my MH and my ED to everyone at Crossfit and everyone helps me.
I got my CF level 1, I changed my job so could train more. I cook. I actually cook food! I smile I laugh!
Any future fitness goals or targets?
Yeah billions!
Handstands then hspu then handstand walks
50 du's
Toes to bar
Help others with MH issues, particularly EDs
To be the oldest crossfitter ever
Any final words of encouragement or advice for anyone struggling with mental health issues?
Get help. You cannot do it alone. Tell a friend. Then another friend.
Find a sport that makes u feel good. Do it with people who make you feel good.
Ditch people who don't support you and your goals.
Try yoga. Massage.
Treat yourself well like you would treat your own children.

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