Q&A Talk At UWE Bristol University

Great to be involved on the Q&A panel at a screening of the 'Steve Documentary' at UWE Bristol last week to discuss the crisis of mens mental health/suicide.
Ben Akers has created this forward thinking and positive documentary to help save lives by exploring the topic of male suicide and look at what we can do to approach this national crisis after his childhood best friend tragically took his own life in 2014.It still remains the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 so we must take action! 
Pleasure to have been interviewed for this groundbreaking...

Anxiety at Christmas

I have limited my time on social media in exchange for a fair bit of running over the last few days and completed a half marathon yesterday in Tilgate forest. It was an amazing deload and chance for me to fully reflect on the year out in the open air and remote from the noise of the world. I am often guilty of overloading and busying myself and was nice to truly tune in to my body and mind.
Christmas has always been...

Getting to Grips with...Lia

mental health get a grip
Project Get A Grip would like to share Lia’s touching submission. Lia has shown some amazing courage speaking out about her depression/anxiety and has used exercise to help her ‘Get To Grips’ with it.
'Through exercise I have gotten to genuinely love myself and who I am, which is such an important step when dealing with mental problems, as self-compassion and self-kindness are VERY important. I have gone from thinking the lowest of myself to saying out loud to myself what a strong person I am and how I...

Getting To Grips with....Phil

Mental Health Awareness
Project Get A Grip would like to share Phil's in depth and powerful blog post.
This submission is slightly different to the usual fitness related post but is what the project is all about........ Exploring the mental health umbrella in its entirety on how we become and maintain the happy, healthy humans we were built to be.
Phil has a passion for mental health and has taken it upon herself to challenge some big names in the world of fashion after an array of questionable campaigns from a...

Getting To Grips With.....Mark

Get A Grip would like to share Marks brilliant submission with you this evening. Thank you Mark for being so open. I have been blown away by the increasing amount of these submissions I am receiving. Its great to see what sport and fitness is doing to change lives along side other ongoing self-care strategies. If you are interested in sharing your story please email
The stigma is being smashed one post at at time!
Name: Mark Daniel
Occupation: Events Engineer