Getting to Grips with....Alexis

Name: Alexis Lee

Age: 36

Occupation: Software Developer 

How would you best describe or define fitness?

Fitness is a set of skills, which anyone can train for, that help you accomplish your goals. 


What exercise, sport or fitness regime do you partake in and how often? 

CrossFit classes 4 times a week, plus "play day" on Sunday, when I do testing, work on weaknesses and invent some crazy metcon for myself.


We need to talk about male suicide....

Check out this well shot video from Dazed and Confused that outlines some of the issues facing men in society today. 

Mental Health In Cricket

Get To Grips with...Mental Health In Cricket.

Really well put together video highlighting some of the sports personalities struggles with mental health issues.


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Get A Grip shared Saritas contribution to the 'Getting to Grips with' blog series last month.
We would like to now share Alice's inspiring blog post.
Alice contacted Get A Grip with this incredible personal journey to share and help motivate others who may be struggling to cope.
Thank You Alice.
One in four people suffer from a mental illness, I am that statistic, I am that one in four, and I want to share...

Getting to Grips With.. Luke Wilson

At the 2017 Lift Off charity I got the chance to sit down with competitor Luke to discuss how  powerlifting creates structure and is a healthy outlet for his mental health.
Get A Grip strives to help people become happy and healthy humans.
Mental Health Matters 
Because the weight of the world can be heavy!