Get A Grip With...Depression In Bodybuilding

Such a creative video showing the sometimes darker side of the fitness industry and the pressures, stresses and strains it can have on our mental health and those around us.




Getting to Grips With...Sarita

Get to Grips With..Sarita
Get A Grip shared Hilarys contribution to the 'Getting to Grips with' blog series last month. This month I would like to share Sarits inspiring post. After a 30 year battle with an eating disorder Sarita thankfully managed to reach out to a friend…... and then found crossfit. 
Thank you for sharing such a personal journey Sarita  
Name: Sarita Karir

Getting to Grips With... Hilary

Get to Grips With..Hilary
Last month Noels contribution was shared for the 'Getting to Grips with..' series. Having just competed in her first individual completion this weekend at the Rainhill trials (one of her goals for this year!) and to  kickstart #mentalhealthawarenessweek Get A Grip fitness would like to share Hilarys contribution.
Name: Hilary Galvin
Occupation: Nurse
How would you best describe or define fitness?
Fitness is unique to the individual. To me it is something that makes me...

Getting To Grips With...Noel

Having launched the blog series ‘Getting to Grips with’ last month I have been blown away with the response and the experiences people are sharing to help discuss and normalise the conversation surrounding mental health.


Get A Grip would like to launch the series by sharing Noels contribution.


Name: Noel Brown

Age: 35

Occupation: Project Manager


How would you best describe or define fitness?

Fitness is the trained capability of the body and mind to cope with challenges.


GET A GRIP with.....Something New

GET A GRIP with ... Something new
Starting or joining a new sport, class or fitness regime can be daunting to begin with. You may worry about people judging your current physical self, ability and fitness level. These feelings may be so intense that it may put you off starting...