Mark is one of the UK’s top charting podcasters with his show 'Take Flight’ which is for those seeking higher levels of performance while inspiring people to make that leap of faith towards a passion and purpose driven life.
We sat down to talk all things podcasting, men’s mental health, therapy and taking action on passions projects.
For episode 12 I was joined by Hayley Millbank the CEO and Co-Founder of Cannadox a to discuss all things CBD Oil.
This is something that has grown real momentum over the last year or so and we get to grips with an array of talking points under the cannabis oil umbrella Including;
What CBD oil is and how it differs from other strains.
Its benefits for our health and wellbeing
Its’ Application and variance in strengths
The legalities and research that surround it
as well as I and The potential growth of CBD in the market place.
We also touch on Hayleys personal journey and how she came to starting a cannabis oil business in 2018, after leaving a previous career behind plus much much more. I also got a chance to go through some follower questions that were sent in.