For episode 18 I was joined by Emelye Dwyer. 
Emelye is a competitive CrossFit athlete oozing with energy , has a real love for life and is committed to helping others. 
We chatted all things self esteem, growth mindset and realising our full potential. Emelye also bravely shared some of her past struggles and how she came to find her love for sport and fitness. 
Theres loads of little life hacks and takeaways in here for you too help you be a little better than yesterday. 
You can find out more about Emelye on her website
For Episode 17 I was joined by Jessica Mary Robson who is the founder of Run Talk Run. 
Run Talk Run exists to make both running and mental health support less intimidating, and more accessible.
Born out of her own mental health battles, Jess created this inspiring running community in late 2017. This has now grown rapidly and has her 'Run Talk Runners' meeting weekly for 5km's across over 85 locations worldwide.
We discuss the beauty of running, power of community and saying ‘yes’ to making your voice heard.
Running has been such a staple for me and many others during lockdown so I hope you enjoy this episode and it inspires you to get your trainers on!
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For episode 16  of the ‘Getting To Grips With’ Podcast I am joined by Nathan Arnold. 
Nath is a former professional footballer having previously played for the likes of Grimsby Town, Cambridge United and Lincoln City.
He was part of the team that not only won the National League, but also became the first non-league team for over 100 years to reach the quarterfinals of the FA Cup in the 2016/2017 season. 
But rest assured there is far more depth to this journey than just football. He is also founder of ’Nathan Arnold Coaching’ which mission is to make people feel seen and heard and pursue a life lived forwards but understood backwards. 
We cover so much is this extended episode from transitioning out of professional football, visualisation, grief, loss, leaning with the heart  and living your true purpose. 
You can find out more about Nathan over at 
It’s better to be prepared and not have an opportunity than have an opportunity and not be prepared. 
For Episode 15 we have my first ever guest Luke Ambler back on the podcast for a Covid 19 special. Now available on Spotify ,iTunes and Google Podcast’s. Just search ‘Getting To Grips Podcast’ or link in bio.
We delve into so much from slowing down, the art of patience, the testing of our values, hope, routines, love vs fear, and 5g technology.
Luke is the man behind the incredible 'Andy's Man Club' and the #itsokaytotalk men's mental health movement. Once a former Ireland international rugby player he has also built multiple successful businesses in a variety of different fields from international public speaking, coffee shop owner, and a journaling businesses.
He has taken on ultra marathons, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and is a full-time dad too.
I do hope with this conversation can benefit you during this tough time and help give you some comfort or clarity you may have needed.
Mark is one of the UK’s top charting podcasters with his show 'Take Flight’ which is for those seeking higher levels of performance while inspiring people to make that leap of faith towards a passion and purpose driven life.
We sat down to talk all things podcasting, men’s mental health, therapy and taking action on passions projects.
For episode 12 I was joined by Hayley Millbank the CEO and Co-Founder of Cannadox a to discuss all things CBD Oil.
This is something that has grown real momentum over the last year or so and we get to grips with an array of talking points under the cannabis oil umbrella Including;
What CBD oil is and how it differs from other strains.
Its benefits for our health and wellbeing
Its’ Application and variance in strengths
The legalities and research that surround it
as well as I and The potential growth of CBD in the market place.
We also touch on Hayleys personal journey and how she came to starting a cannabis oil business in 2018, after leaving a previous career behind plus much much more. I also got a chance to go through some follower questions that were sent in.